New England Pet PhotographySome things about me…

  • I was born and raised in New York – Brooklyn, and Rockaway to be exact. So while I have chosen the serene countryside of New Hampshire as my home, I will always have a place in my heart for the city(and the accent to go with it).
  • I am a die-hard and very loyal Knicks fan!
  • I shared my life with 11 Newfoundland dogs and 1 German Shepherd Dog. They have since passed and now we currently have 2 Pitbull mixes, a Mini American Shepherd (aka Mini Aussie) and 2 Newfoundlands. It is their crazy antics that encourage me to keep my camera handy at all times. You just never know what they will do next.
  • I have a 3 year old son who keeps me on my toes, at all times!
  • I love the beach. It is probably my favorite place on earth. If you live near a beach, I will encourage you to hold part of your session there. Not only is it a beautiful natural backdrop for pictures of your dog, but I think some of my best shots have come at the beach.
  • My passion for Nature, Landscape and Wildlife photography has fueled my passion since I was a teenager. You can see my other works at my landscape photography site.

My shooting style…

  • I prefer organic shots to posed/staged shots. I think the best pictures are the ones that can capture a dog just being a dog.
  • I like to have fun. My sessions tend to be more on the playful side, giving your dog the opportunity to let their true personality shine.
  • I like to interact with the dogs I shoot. Don’t be surprised if I start rolling around on the ground with them during our session! When your dog forgets I have a camera pointed at them, the session will be a huge success.