So what should I expect during a pet photo session with Hand and Paw? Our photo shoots tend to be laid back and relaxed. We find the more relaxed we are, the more relaxed you and your dog will be. When we arrive, we will meet you and your pets. We like to start the session of with a little playtime with your pets. Giving them the opportunity to get to know us, and realize that we are lots of fun!

Worried about your dog’s behavior? Don’t be. Good behavior is in the eye of beholder and when the beholder is behind the camera taking fun and creative shots of your dog, we say anything goes! Honestly though, strong obedience doesn’t always translate into stellar candid photos so don’t worry if your dog has the tendency to frequently embarrass you in public. Sometimes the best shots are taken when your dog is allowed to let loose and show off its true personality. You might be surprised at the wonderful photo opportunities that can arise from spontaneous outbursts of bad behavior. Embrace it…we do!

What about the weather? Don’t stress if Mother Nature decides to give us rain, snow, or any other form of bad weather on the day of our session. We will reschedule the session for another day so that we can provide you with the best possible photos to choose from for your collection.

No two sessions are ever alike, so it is difficult to say exactly what to expect once the camera is turned on. We can promise a few things, however: you will laugh, your dog will smile, and you will rediscover all the reasons you fell in love with your dog to begin with!